The Multiplication Factor

In other words the blessing factor is the term used for abundance in various aspects of life in budgets of following

  • Life
  • Financial status
  • Faith
  • Bliss
  • Contentment
  • Ecstacy
  • Courage
  • Other material aspects

God blesses whomever He likes “If He wills he may turn a stray pedestrian into a king, and If He wills he turns a Shah into a begger who begs from door to door”

So we should be very careful, not go in the way of arrogance and despair. This is also relateable to law of attraction and law of vibration.

We should percieve that “God is a ocean of mercy and kindness and compassion, if you get even a single drop from such ocean your life will reach enough blessings in various forms.


Colour of the Master

One gaze of master has such manifestations on his disciple that the fate of thousands change. He cleans with his mere gaze, which is not an ordinary gaze. This is opposite of cursed gaze, an antidote to cursed gaze.

A true seeker will let go of himself(his bad traits) and take the colour of his spiritual master. Allama khadim hussain Rizvi said “O unlucky one, why didnt you come His highness’s door, Muhammadﷺ fills thousands of blessed/spiritual colours”.


Secrets of Sunnah of Prophet Muhammadﷺ

Well you might have heard that we are are energy beings in physical vessels so we need to preserve our sacred energies from low vibrational talks, events, people etc.

Practise of wearing turban.

Like pyramids were made to store energy and there on the top there is a cap stone whose function is to keep the energy inside pyramid. Similarly sunnah of amamah shareef on heads is to guard the head from bad energies and preserve the good chi harvested in meditation and prayers. It is a common practise among sufis. Furthermore any sunnah especially sunnah of appearence hair style and length, beard, wearing white, wearing surmah, Miswak for teeth, wudu, ghusul all of these have a secret positive charge not just rewards/sawab. Yet obviously the sunnah of adeb and manners have the greatest weightage.


Social media detox and flavour less meditation

There is no doubt that social media scrolling is one of the factors that cause depression, along with addiction ( to notifications praise, likes and comments).

If our vibrations are getting low and addiction is getting high then we must try the social media detox for 3 consecutive days. It will require strict discipline for the ego. Because ego loves addictions and suffering cycles. We should not use social media while meditating. As it will take the purity of concentration and deep listening away.

Moreover by flavour less meditation I mean, using no audio . This will help us develop the skill of medium less meditation and listening/observing the vibration by our soul. I am not against flavoured meditation at all but during detox period we should try the flavour less.


Then Witness What God Does !

Saints will accept the offence as humbly as possible, but God does not spare if you insult, injure, backbite, look down upon, speak ill of a saint of God, therefore we have to be very careful in this regard, in their presence and absence. God will elevate the ranks of the saint for accepting both, the bitter and the sweet conditions.

There’s a famous punjabi saying “Is ishq ki jhange wich moor bolainda, Sanu gahil kr k phir khabar na leya” which means “The peacock sings songs in his divine love in whatever condition he is in. He injured me and (apparently) never came to see me”

There another saying
“The ahain b sajan wa wa, te au b sajan wa wa. Which means whatever you do my beloved, I will say ‘its great”.


Infinite Abundance

The divine one, the creator of universes has given His sacred people the keys and access to the stores of abundance therefore never underestimate the bounty which they emanate in a single sitting.


Fragrance and Spirituality

Here I am only talking about the alcohol free fragrances as the word alcohol comes from the Arabic word ‘al khul’ which means opening to evil djins and spirits. In contrast to this, are the Alcohol free fragrances also known as Attars, which are food for our soul. The food for angels, especially the accountant/book keeper angels(aka as karaman katibeens in Arabic) and at last the good (unharmful) djins.The companion of Prophet Muhammadﷺ, Hazrat Umar(May Allah be pleased with him) said

Spending even one third of your income on fragrances(Alcohol free), won’t count as extravagance


Even in the spiritual community, people burn sage/incense sticks or other essence emitting herbs to free their homes from negativities. Lastly I would say that this ritual is a must in addition to and without compromising bathing(with clean water) rituals.


Feeding and Spirituality

Feeding hungry creatures of the universe free of any cost, brings about powerful waves of blessings towards the entity feeding it. Whether it is animals, ants or humans, feed them and gain instant feed for your own soul. It nourishes your soul thoroughly provided your intension is pure. Moreover it is one of the shortcuts in spirituality, infact many saints and sages with super souls have fed the hungry as one of their routine rituals, in their life time to please and attain the closeness of divine. Many sufi saints who have left this temporary world, still on their tombs, free food for humans is available which is additional to the provisional and metaphysical spiritual food of the soul, which they distribute.


Totally immersed

When we pick up the vibes from void or emptiness, then after certain period of e.g 5 minutes, we should be totally immersed in meditation. In naqshbandi order we visualize light coming from our master/guide and simultaneously falling and absorbing into our chakras/lataif.

When we are totally immersed in our meditation we will enjoy it, celebrate it like the whirling dervishes. The world may then call us crazy. Yes we are crazy in love with the divine one.


Feel stagnant?

Feel stagnant, try thinking that it moves so fast that it looks still. However if it still persists and cause feelings of despair then do use the following

Tell yourself

there is no hurry

There is no threat

Then do use zikir Allah in all lataif with “Tasawur e sheikh” for 15 mins atleast with mild zikir.

High vibe tribe

Then engrave Allah with imagination on all lataif with nur stream coming from your master.

Then do meditation from the void.