Totally immersed

When we pick up the vibs from the void or emptiness after certain period of e.g 5 minutes, then we should be totally immersed in meditation. In naqshbandi order we visualize light coming from our master and simultaneously falling and absorbing into our chakras/lataif.

When we are totally immersed in our meditation we will enjoy it, celebrate it like the whirling dervishes. The world may then call us crazy. Yes we are crazy in love with the divine one.


Feel stagnant?

Feel stagnant, try thinking that it moves so fast that it looks still.


Internal Vibe and External Void|MEDITATION FROM THE VOID

This approach starts in both ways for example we observe the void, that from the void, in which there are highest vibrations, that are falling into our lataif/chakras and simultaneously we observe our internal vibration or vice versa. Then we connect these internal vibes with external void to create a stream. Observation of both, will make us fall into meditative state. Try to create this stream aside from mind. I will call this ‘meditation from the void’ and regard this as most consistent and reliable. To practise this there must be no anxiety or hurriedness. Like Lao tzu says nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.


Compassion and Love😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🌱

One must have enough love inside himself before he can

  • See with love and compassion
  • Talk with love and compassion
  • Exist and Be with love and compassion etc

In short Radiate love and compassion in every ‘Here and Now’, which means in layman’s language that we have harvested both love and compassion by ourselves then the next thing we do is start distributing it to others and the environment around us at every time every place with every body however we need alots of practice prior to using this infinite treasure and blessing.


Gratitude list

Its been years since I was introduced to gratitude, I was on youtube watching Qasim ali Shah a renowned motivational speaker here in Pakistan. He did a perfect job in less than 5minutes. He started his speech by putting spot light on the mental disturbance he witnessed on his visit to a mental asylum. Gratitude might be one of the factors missed by those affectees of adversity. How one deals and perceives adversity varies, for some it will take some form of prayer or meditation to waive it, for some medications which have their own side effects.Gratitude is a free gift and an age old practice and it comes and is expressed through various forms and its absence might affect us at a higher level.Related to his visit to a mental asylum, how many great successful(as perceived by the materialistic world) peronalities were there, just a slight unbalance in mind due to some incident had made them ending up in an asylum.

There is a major chance that those people were far far away from mindful practises and rituals.Then Mr Qasim talked about all the people which helped you since your birth.As an example he said if someone serves you tea, say thankyou with the depth of your hearts, then next time most probably he will serve tea with biscuits supplimentarily. It is true there are highly potively charged vibes of a grateful person.Futher he introduced to the audience, Rhonda Byrne who wrote the book ´The Magic` which based on Universal law of Gratitude and practises which one may adopt in their daily routines very easily. No doubt gratitude is a vital part of self-love.

I love making gratitude lists e.g I made

  • Biological/physical gratitude lists
  • Divine gratitude list
  • Memorial gratitude list
  • Daily gratitude check list etc etc


How to learn stillness, its quite easy, look at the trees, stones, plants and observe them by first quietening your mind,perceptions and comments simply just “observe”.


Do above for a while then try to copy them by sitting in a comfortable posture. Now try to observe the vibration sitting behind the stillness inside and outside you. Whenever you get free time, practise above and increase the duration gradually.


Beyond The Mind

We live in a world which is greatly dominated by materialistic populace. This materialistic approach is bred and nested in the human mind, also called as the thinker by Eckhart tolle.My perceptions also are synchronized with Eckhart’s books especially ‘The Power of Now”.In this book Mr Eckhart tries his best to convince mass population all over the world and generations to come to live in a brand new way, a way that exposes this thing called the ego.How this parasite feeds via mind and thought control or in other words which tools and techniques the ego uses to hijack whole life of human beings. On the top of the list is the thinker.

We are not the thinking body rather we are observer of it.We are not our past self neither we are our future self, we are present consciousness. We are not the blamer we are not the pain nor the pain body. We are not our physical biological body we are our present consciousness. It is very important to understand that what we are not.We are not conflicts and argumentation rather we deflect and observe these.


We are regarded as the ‘Ashraf al Makhluk’ (Superior most creation) by the divine one and are furthermore meant to be ‘Khalifa Tualllah’ (Representative of God) on planet Earth, knowing the above is what is meant to be.What is not meant to be, is after we know, we react as arrogant beings.Indulging in arrogance make us fall into unconscious states. Atleast after knowing above, we may develop a set of responses which show the essence of contemplation. Contemplation to a limited and creative degree.Examples might include

  • Being always in state of meditation
  • Dodging deflecting or observing conflicts and argumentations
  • Looking without perception
  • Listening without perception
  • Tasting without perception
  • Feeling without perception
  • Talking without perception
  • Writing without perception
  • Being always in the states of love and gratitude etc.

In the end I intend to pray that may the divine one save us from unconsciousness and lower vibrations of fear of the world.


Emptiness and Making Space for Greater Blessings !

Majority of the human beings on Earth are filling up their existence with crap. Or you can say they were programmed in their first 10 years with this phenominum called “clinging”, are not even aware of this fact .

At youth we are given our PCs , Playstation , IPads , cellphones , YouTube and the old pal TV . Children are bombarded with advertisements, cartoons, movies which do not carry a moral lesson but an insidious one .These stimuli lead children to get into reactive modes(instead of responsive) which ruin the most productive times of their lives. You can imagine how much crap is in their vessels of existence. The vessels are over flowing with this foul stench.

How we can waive this overflow, reduce this abominable metaphysical matter is the top priority question which is answered by Sages , Gurus , Sufis living or transitioned by death.Moreover holy books also aid this blessed and honourable duty. Some do it by making strong connections with heavenly souls.Some by drawing blessings from the great souls and the divine oness.

Once the vessels are emptied, Now this is the perfect time to fill the human beings with heavenly bounties peace of mind body soul.This task is performed by masters of souls, not by disciples who are at initial stages of the school of spirituality.

Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) was ordered to come totally empty, when coming to prayers. Also on hearing azaan(oral invitation to prayer) he used to get up from any gathering like every body was a stranger.

Furthermore there are the “ushaak” who say that we send all our blessings good deeds especially to our prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) and ahl e Bait(people of the house of Prophet) , Sahabas(companions of Holy prophet peace be upon him), Aulia Allah(true friends of Allah jala ja LA LA hu) , Shahuda(martyrs) etc etc.And leave our sins to your ever encompassing rehmat(It does not mean to find an excuse to sin instead they are miles always from wrong paths.Such way we live in the dunya but dunya does not live in us but the divine one and his beloved live inside our hearts.


To Argue Is Not The Way

Our life is short unlike our ancestors centuries ago who lived thousands of years whereas our average life is 70 years.We dont have time for participating in any irrelevent thing instead we can use this time to raise our vibrations using meditation in combination with gratitude.

When we harvest these high vibrations we send it back to the transitioned souls who in the past have lived and dedicated their life to this sacred and divine duty. Moreover sending these gifts will never deprive us of our hardwork in being a highly positive entity instead, we will strongly connect ourselves to these super souls.


After Every Hardship There Is Ease

This univesal law is written in the book of divine nature as follows

“With Every Difficulty, There is Relief.”

Quran 94:5